Strategy & Quality

COBA’s ultimate goal is the complete satisfaction of its clients’ expectations, by providing services of excellence within agreed deadlines and costs, and thus contribute to the prestige of Portuguese engineering in the country and abroad.

Drawing from it experience and aware of the demanding nature associated with engineering design, particularly with regard to knowledge, technical execution capacity, reliability and safeguard of quality standards, COBA has been applying these concepts and procedures through the use of "Internal Operation Standards ", and the implementation of a Quality Management System based on Standard NP EN ISO 9001.

COBA is a certified "Quality Manager of Construction Projects" from the National Laboratory for Civil Engineering of Portugal since 1993, with the highest mark in all categories (Hydraulic Undertakings, Transportation Infrastructures and Buildings and Monuments).

COBA's Quality Management System has been formally certified since 2000 by APCER – Associação Portuguesa de Certificação (Portuguese Certification Authority), within the Portuguese Quality System, which was officially implemented in June of the same year.

Given the fact that each project is a specific case with unique features, the corresponding Quality Plan is prepared upon the award of each new contract, in order to provide the staff involved with all the necessary and relevant information for its development, as well as to accommodate internal quality control procedures and account for audits carried out by the Client.


COBA - Consultores de Engenharia e Ambiente, S.A., established as its main objective the development of its services to meet the excellent quality and the full satisfaction of the Client's expectations, with the maximum respect for Occupational Health and Safety and the Environment.

For this purpose, COBA's Board of Directors compromise to maintain and promote continuous improvement of their Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, and their main objectives are as follows:

In order to meet the established objectives, COBA relies above all upon the competence, the knowledge, the loyalty and the commitment of its employees, suppliers and partners.

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